Case Study

SORG supports Mexican glass maker IVC, despite 9.455,77km distance

Customer: IVC
Location: Mexico
Energy Source: Combustion

Mexican container glass manufacturer Industria Vidriera de Coahuila (IVC) were supported by SORG to help them achieve their vision to produce 9.5 million glass bottles a day.

The company manufacturers Corona and Modelo beer bottles which are filled in a plant next to the glassmaking facility and then distributed to the USA.

Furnace 5 was needed to manufacturer Modelo Especial bottles in flint to begin with, but has the capacity to manufacture in amber colour in the future.

SORG approach

As well as their new furnace we provided IVC with SORG specialists, who were on location for commissioning and supervision. The firm also benefited from SORG’s 24/7 ‘after sales service’, despite our headquarters being located on the other side of the world.

EME, also part of the SORG Group of companies, provided a new batch house which incorporated economically built concrete silos, a steel house structure and a range of industry-leading equipment.


The new furnace increased the total capacity of the facility to 2200 tpd. IVC praised the systems we used to check its on-site equipment and were very appreciative of our advice and support.