Working at SKS

We’re a world leader in the installation, repair and maintenance of glass-melting furnaces, with a team of 200 people and organisational experience of over 150 years in the global glass industry. We partner with customers for all hot and cold services around glass furnaces, specialising in maintenance and repair works on running furnaces and challening repairs in extreme temperatures. As a company with extensive experience in a wide range of services, we value independent, flexible ways of working.

With teams in Portugal and Thailand, we guarantee our standard worldwide. If a challenging job in an innovative company with the potential for travel appeals to you, we want to hear from you.


One partner for all your needs

SKS combines five different subdivisions along with our partners FuseTech International and Siam Furnace Construction, whom all have the same goal: providing unparalleled service, performance, and reliability to glassmakers worldwide.


SORG Feuerungsbau und Service

SORG Feuerungsbau und Service GmbH provides cutting-edge industrial machinery, including regenerative, all-electric, and recuperative furnaces, oxy-fuel melters, and more.

Founded in 1973, SORG Feuerungsbau und Service GmbH was the first company to offer after-sales service, maintenance, hot repairs and furnace constructions under one umbrella and helped to lay the foundation for the strengths SKS enjoys today.


Glasofenbau Leipzig

Glasofenbau Leipzig has been an integral part of the SKS organisation since 1990. With decades of experience in refractory construction of glass melting tanks, port furnaces and auxiliary furnaces, their expertise extends across Europe in support of the subdivisions within SKS.

Their highly qualified teams of skilled engineers, foremen, and fire masons, ensure that every project meets the highest standards of quality in the glass industry.


SORG Keramik Service Iberica

SORG Keramik Service Iberica, Lda., who are based in Portugal, are a vital member within the SKS organisation. With a team of over 60 skilled Masons, Foremen, Service Specialists and Site-Managers, the company excels in refractory assembly, conducting complete Glass-to-Glass projects with specialised services.

Their comprehensive offering covers crucial aspects such as draining, demolition, steelwork supply and installation, refractory installation, furnace heat-up and an array of specialised services.


SORG Refractory Systems

Specialising in the construction of refractory systems and steel structures, SORG Refractory Systems GmbH offers a holistic service, providing maintenance, repairs, and “turnkey” projects. Their extensively qualified team excels in the design of refractory linings for thermal systems.

They manage national and international projects with expertise in construction, material selection, quality control and reliable on-site construction. Their comprehensive service offering encompasses overall representations, detailed drawings, heat transfer calculations, material parts lists and much more.


Stahl Keramik Service

Stahl Keramik Systems TOB, is the newest member of SKS Group. Located in Kyiv, Ukraine, Stahl Keramik Systems TOB is a dedicated hot services specialist.

Their services comprise of critical processes including draining furnaces, cool down, heat up, expansion control, dry out and cullet filling.


Fuse Tech International

Fuse Tech International GmbH is a joint-venture partnership with Hotwork International, who specialise in ceramic welding and endoscopic inspection of glass-melting furnaces. Initially active only in North America until 2008, Fuse Tech International has continually provided ceramic welding services worldwide.


Siam Furnace Construction

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, Siam Furnace Construction specialises in glass to glass projects, hot repairs and welding jobs.

Operating outside of Europe, the organisation boasts a team of more than 50 skilled masons and refractory experts.