Case Study

Furnace number 3 designed and delivered for Tierra Blanca plant.

Customer: Grupo Modelo, ABinBeV
Size of Furnace: 400 tpd
Energy Source: Combustion

Nikolaus SORG has designed and delivered furnace number 3 as a greenfield project in the Tierra Blanca plant, Grupo Modelo, ABinBeV.


It was originally planned that this furnace replaces the existing furnace 2, but as a consequence of the growing market demand, the furnace was built as furnace 3 as a greenfield project.

The furnace is a Regenerative Cross Fired Furnace with 5 ports on each side. The melting surface is 160m² with a planned melting rate of 400 tpd. Three 340S+ forehearths are installed for the production of flint glass bottles.


Besides Nikolaus SORG, SORG Group member EME delivered batch house engineering, equipment for dosing, weighing and mixing, the control system, batch transport and cullet return.

The group member SKS has supervised the complete steel and refractory erection, and has supported during heating up and filling of the furnace. Also, the local supplier had been advised.

The successful commissioning took place in April 2022.