Maintenance and repair works on running furnaces is one of SKS’s specialties. Our specialist teams have accumulated extensive experience of carrying out high-risk repairs under extreme temperature conditions and the pressure of the glass manufacturer. If we cannot do it, it cannot be done.

Services such as furnace inspection, hot drilling for the installation of electrode holders, electrode holder exchange, drilling to determine furnace bottom or tank block thickness, exchange of the working end superstructure, tank overcoatings with lowering of the glass level when necessary, crown or superstructure repairs or the replacement of the complete regenerator packing during furnace operation are just some of the difficult jobs that we carry out regularly.

Changing of bottom electrode holders

One of our specialists exchanging an electrode holder in the furnace bottom. Many years of training are required to do such an exchange.

Installation of a side electrode holder

Drilling of a tank block for an electrode holder by our specialist.

Test drillings at the furnace bottom

Test drillings at strategic positions provide information on the remaining bottom thickness and hence on the degree of corrosion.

Reconstruction of the regenerators

A specialist prepares the installation of a temporary chimney. The regenerators were rebuilt during furnace operation.