The installation of a glass melting furnace requires know how but also the collaboration of many partners that are involved. For new builds, SKS takes over the responsibility for the steel and refractory installation as well as the hot sealing. All other services can be provided together with our Group partners.

More complex and time critical are the glass to glass projects, where SKS takes over the compete responsibility to perform all necessary steps to achieve the goal within the given time frame. Close hand in hand planning guarantees that no time is lost between the different phases.

Glass to glass projects cover the following aspects


We provide all equipment and carry out all works to safely empty the furnace. Back cooling systems and modern scrapers ensure environmentally safe glass recovery.


Especially when parts of the furnace will be reused, the coordination of the demolition is essential for a fast removal of the steel and ceramic waste material.

Supply of steelwork

We supply the furnace steel for the support, the bracing, the platforms, walkways and also for the forehearths.

Installation of the steelwork

Our long lasting experience guarantees high quality and fast realization of the steel installation, which is an integral part of the furnace project.

Installation of the refractories

The refractory installation, especially for the glass contact materials, is the most essential part of the construction with respect to further campaign success. With more than 170 own people worldwide, the required quality is maintained on all our sites. Effective site supervision is guaranteed to ensure that safety and quality standards are met and maintained all the time.

Furnace heat-up

The heat up is the most critical part of the project, independent whether it is a repair or a new build. 24 hour monitoring and accurate expansion management guarantees a safe and trouble free heat up.

Regenerator rider arches

View of the rider arches at the base of the regenerator through the access door


View from within the tank

Project logistics

The logistics prior and during the site works are an integral part of the close glass-to-glass realization periods. Our long lasting experience and our site preparations guarantee, that no time is lost on the logistics part.